We have two bears for you to choose from, Milo and Marley

They are both crafted to the highest standards and will no doubt be loved so much that they are handed down from generation to generation.

Our bears are most comfortable sat on a shelf or in the favourite chair of a loved one who has passed away, a keepsake and reminder of good times and wonderful memories*. 




Milo was our first creation. This bear set the standards and stole the hearts. 

Carefully cut from your fabric, Milo can be as soft as a baby grow or as smooth and pretty as a summer dress.

Milo is hand crafted entirely from your fabric. You choose and send us the clothes that hold the fondest memories and we'll transform them into your very own fabric bear. 

Milo Bears-009-Edit.jpg


Then Marley came along; a traditional bear with a slightly different personality but equally as loveable and strokably soft.  

Marley is the perfect example of a traditional hand crafted bear. Crafted from the finest fur (brown or white) and combined with your precious material. With the cutest smile and deep brown eyes, this bear also melts plenty of hearts.


* We wanted to remind you that our bears are not toys. Please sit them out of the reach of little hands. 

We're really proud of all of our bears and love to share our creations on social media. It's a bit like the obligatory first day at school photo, taken by super proud parents! We'll never share the story behind them though (unless you want us to). Just give us the nod if your bear might be camera shy, and we'll send it on it's way without the usual snaps.