Our company began in 2015 when Karen De Marco crafted the original Milo Bear for her grandson. This little bear was stitched together with love and became a beautiful roommate and a holder of treasured memories from Leo’s first adventure-filled year.

When friends saw the decorative Milo bear in Leo’s room, they were smitten. They loved both the concept of preserving memories and the quality. They wanted one too. And so, our family business was born.

As well as making bears from children’s clothing, we also started to make incredibly special bears from the clothing of those who had passed away.

Karen is still as passionate about every bear she crafts and is proud of what Milo Bears stands for. The business has grown quickly and she now produces bears to send to homes all over the world. 

She delights in unwrapping each and every parcel of fabric that arrives at Milo Bear HQ. It’s her love of the bears, her skilled hand and her artistic touch that makes every bear smile.